The talent acquisition teams of companies like Walmart, Juspay, Tata, Hero, and Flipkart made candidates chase their firms, rather than the other way around.

These companies slew their hiring strategy by:

--> Engaging with the right candidates in a market full of noise
--> Hiring rich talent in fewer resources and time
--> Building a strong employer brand
--> Tapping the earlier unreachable talent (democratizing the process)
--> Testing candidates skills accurately and fairly

Walmart Tech Labs India increased their gender diversity multifold
Walmart took a fresh look by tailoring a hiring hackathon exclusively for female coders. They hired 300+ female coders from 51,053 girl registrations across all the engineering colleges through their coding challenge, CodeHers. They saved massive resources by gaining access to coders from across the country on a single platform and in a comparatively shorter period without any hassle.

Flipkart closed 1/3rd of its B-School hiring through WiRED

No one can turn a blind eye to Flipkarts flagship B-School case competition WiRED, which is as unique as it gets when it comes to targeting the sharpest minds in the country. With over 39,272 registrations in the competition, the company decided to step out of the status quo by opening the competition PAN India across all B-Schools. This approach helps them garner ideas and solutions for different sectors, including Business, Supply Chain, and HR, and also tested candidates on their real-world business problems.

Intellect hired 390 at 5 LPA CTC - You can play the game, no matter whether you are old or new!

Intellects hiring challenge helped them grab the spotlight. They got powerful PR, connected with the students easily without burning holes in their pockets, and managed everything on one platform, from launching the competition to offering letters, thus saving resources.

Ather Energy received 26,693 registrations through just 1 campaign

To expand their footprint across the country, they went to at least 40-45 campuses separately. Soon the acquisition team realized the importance of recruiting through campus hiring challenges. It was when Unstop (formerly Dare2Compete) helped them to conduct CRAZE-A-THON: Ather Hiring Challenge! The company was elated to receive 26,693 registrations across the country through a single campaign. They offered a CTC of INR 6-12 LPA and a fair playing ground irrespective of any preference for the IIT tag! This attracted the masses and helped them hire 31 candidates through hackathons and Unstops campus hiring solutions.

Juspay on a hiring spree; rolled out 2610 PPI offers

Juspay is another name that speaks volumes of the importance of campus hiring challenges. With more than lakhs of registrations, Juspay has organized two hiring hackathons (Juspay Developers Hiring Challenge) to date and is now live with its third season. They left an indelible mark on the entire engineering student community through their back-to-back hiring hackathons as a new-age company. They cant all be wrong. So, if you also want to engage, hire, and simplify the entire HR lifecycle, explore the hiring solutions at Unstop. And you are ready to get off to the races!